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Frozen Genderbend. Designs.

A lot of people have asked me for a full body pic of my Male!Elsa design and also fem!Kristoff, so here they are.

I knoooow I said I wasn’t going to do them but a lot of people have been asking over and over again, so I just had to do it, because I love you guys, and I had time to spare for a sketch. I had to tweak my design for male!Elsa because the original was just difficult so I made the front part simpler. And his pants are plain dark blue because I feel like IF his pants and boots were fancy, he’d look cluttered; his top is already intricate and detailed so we have to balance it out.

Fem!Kristoff is pretty much the same as the oiginal Kristoff, but she comes with a skirt because, I dont think their timeline allowed women in pants(?) 

Anyway, if you want to cosplay this, feel free to do so, you don’t have to ask for permission~ You can even tweak the design to your own liking, add stuff, show more skin, make it more faboo, we are all artists here, GO FOR IT! :D.

I do not own male!Elsa, but if you could credit me for the design, then it would be much much appreciated~ <3

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